Ppp Disease Treatment

PPP produces rusty brown discoloration of the skin. Brown stains can on both sides are unevenly distributed and many or few. Parking spaces are small red spots which are seemingly easily sprinkled with Cayenne in the region. The region is flat, smooth, not scaly. There are no internal symptoms or effects. App typically in adulthood begins, is more common in men, and can occur in children. This is the form that occurs most often for the first time in the lower part of the legs, and often slowly stretches, which goes your legs body and even Palm trees at the end, often a little in the (from which the name). PPP is really a group of diseases, and the experience of each patient is in fact unique. PPP is typically only a cosmetic problem, but some people have severe itching, PPP, within a couple of weeks of go, they stop for years, can disappear again from time to time to appear. No one knows what are the causes, but if you perform a biopsy, the inflammation is seen through the small capillaries in the skin. The blood that was lost through walls form the small red dots damaged. Oxidized iron (is Hemosiderin) blood is different color. Here you can do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. PPP is clothing sometimes used by a reaction to a prescription medication, allergy to the dye and rubber, dyes, and artificial preservatives caused or another skin condition. If it is limited to a few small tasks, it may be down due to abnormal veins ppp disease treatment or arteries. This requires to clarify possibly surgery or socks. Treatment is not always necessary. Itching can be controlled with prescription steroid creams. In some cases especially if heavily enough used steroids are, can actually disable the PPP completely. Advanced cases can be treated with oral Trental (Pentoxifylline). This phase lasts several months and doesn't always work. Trental improves blood circulation and more rare stomach, is a very safe drug. Vitamins has been said to too (vitamin C 500 mg twice daily and systematic Bioflavonoids complex) help.  Back to the index,.